Matt’s Auto Body & Paint is your one stop shop if your vehicle requires repair or replacement of certain body parts. Our staff is qualified to do any kind of body work, and our paint shop will take care of sanding, prep and prime, and will get the paint job done. Below is the list of services we provide. Please give us a call to get a quote or set up an appointment.

✔ Paint Shop. We deal with all kinds of paint jobs your vehicle may need. We partner with the leading suppliers of car paints, such as VHT, Dupli Color, SEM and many others to get genuine and quality paint for your projects. Our facility is equipped with everything needed to provide quality paint services. Our staff constantly goes through education programmes and is certified by I-CAR.

✔ Body Parts Replacement. Based on your own needs and expectations, you can select getting new OEM, new aftermarket or used body parts installed. We partner with ABC Auto Parts to help our customers get used body parts locally at an affordable price. Though, you are always welcome to bring your own parts is you wish to have them installed and painted for you.

✔ Aftermarket Body Parts Installation. We can help you with the installation of aftermarket body parts made of ABS plastic, carbon fiber, fiberglass, duraflex, etc. We deal with any kind of material and will make aftermarket body kits perfectly fit your car, truck or SUV. If you need a recommendation on aftermarket body kits, check out our partner, CARiD to get a quote for the parts. We can set up a delivery from their stock directly to us for your convenience.

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